Health Benefits of getting Fit

The resting heart rate of an unfit person is around 70-80 beats a minute.

For a person who exercises 4-5 times weekly for 30 minutes with their heart rate around 120 beats per minute is 40-60 BPM.

Assuming we take an average of 70 for unfit and 50 for fit active people this is a difference of 20 BPM.

Multiply x 1hour and it is 1200. By 24 hours it is 28,800 times more a day.

Allowing for 30mins of exercise at a high heart and recovery deduct about 2000 beats giving you 26.800 times more a day.

For 1 year 9,782,000 times a year. In 10 years 97,782,000 times more.

The heart is a muscle so the more times it works the more health issues you could end up with.

When you train the following things occur.

Your heart and capillary network enlarge

Your blood volume increases allowing your heart to push more blood through your heart in one beat.

Your red blood cell increases up to 20% more enabling you to consume more oxygen in one breath.

This in tern allows your heart to work less without stress.

  • Your muscular system holds more glucose or energy for immediate use
  • You recover much more quickly as the extra blood volume and oxygen consumption allows your body to get rid of waste products created much faster.
  • When you stop exercise the process reverses very quickly.
  • You will become more resistant to things that effect your health
  • You will be more alert at work or in study.
  • Your memory will be very significantly better.
  • You can work and study longer without too much fatigue.
  • Your stress levels will drop dramatically.
  • You will recover from any health issue much faster than an unfit person