Running is rewarding. The health benefits are immense. Even though we may know the health benefits are amazing, it can be hard to start. Here are some practical tips to get you going.

Set a goal

Before pursuing anything, you need a target. There needs to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Running isn’t easy. It hurts at times and sometimes there are sessions where you just don’t quite have the motivation to train. To get through hard sessions knowing your goal can get you through the pain. Not only this, once you reach your goal, the feeling of accomplishment will not only be satisfying, but addictive. You’ll have the fuel you need to reach the next goal.

Find a squad or community to run with

The benefits of a community cannot be understated. There are plenty of running squads around Australia you can train with. But there also might be people in your circle that may be interested in undertaking this running journey with you. Having someone there to not only push you but keep you accountable will help you reach your goal and make the process more enjoyable.

Be consistent

When you first begin running, you may feel slow or even too sore to run. The secret to running training is being consistent. Even if you don’t quite run the time you want, what matters is you banked the session and built some load into your legs. Be consistent. Consistency leads to results.

Build Progressively

Rome was not built in a day. You have to be real with yourself when you first start. You may not be able to run 5km yet, but your can run 2km. So run 2km, and build your runs progressively. Rushing the process can lead to burnout and worse… Injuries. Stay healthy and be progressive. A program by Eric incorporates this.

Make it a lifestyle

True change is a lifestyle change. Run for the goal to make this apart of your lifestyle. Build it into your daily routine or as a way to mediate stress. Running is truly rewarding. You can do it no matter where you are in the world.

These are some practical tips to start your running journey.

Eric Brown (Olympic Coach) has written a beginners running program to help get you started. You can view the program here: